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Patrick Sais

For New Mexico House District 26

Welcome to SaisForDistrict26, the platform where vision, leadership, and your voice unite for a better future. With a steadfast dedication to progress and a deep commitment to our community, Patrick Sais is your advocate for District 26. His unwavering passion and extensive experience make him the leader our state legislature needs right now. Discover more about Patrick and his values, issues, and vision to bring positive change. Join us in supporting Patrick and contribute to building a stronger, more inclusive District 26. Ready to be a part of the movement? Get in touch today! Stay updated with the latest news and updates, and explore our website for more information. Together, let’s make a difference.

Vision, Issues, & Values

Introducing SaisForDistrict26, where progress and community unite for a brighter future. Join Patrick Sais, a leader dedicated to advocating for the values that matter most to our district. From supporting law and order to preserving election integrity, Patrick will ensure your voice is heard and your vote truly counts. He prioritizes small businesses over big corporations, takes care of our veterans and senior citizens, and believes in equipping everyone with the skills for success. With Patrick, education reform and choice are at the forefront. Together, let’s build a better future for District 26. Get involved today and make a difference.

The Leadership, Our State Legislature, Needs Right Now!

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You can help me with my campaign by having a yard sign at your home, making phone calls to others in our area and hosting a meet and greet in your home or business. Thank you for helping with my campaign.

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